One Last Flight

Thoughts on the Last Flight of the Shuttle, Dennis Wingo, SpaceRef

"I was at NASA Ames last week when the final flight of the final space shuttle Endeavour on its way to its final destination occurred. As many people did, I stood outside, on top of our MacMoon's at Ames and took pictures. There were over 20,000 people at NASA Ames that waited hours for an event that took no more than one minute to consummate. Beyond that there were hundreds of thousands more people all around Silicon Valley who were outside and watching when the shuttle flew overhead."

Keith's note: There is a comment posted by Mark Uhran, former Assistant Associate Administrator for the International Space Station. Normally I'd refuse to allow ad hominem insults - especially those directed at someone's family - to be posted. But I think Uhran's coworkers might find his bitterness to be noteworthy.

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