Charlie Bolden's Upcoming Off The Record Briefing

Keith's note: Charlie Bolden will be speaking at "Charles Bolden Speaks at The Future of Strategic Partnerships in Space" hosted by the Atlantic Council on 23 October. According to the Atlantic Council this event will be "closed to press and off-the-record". But apparently anyone can ask to attend but they waive their right to free speech in so doing, it would seem. Why is the NASA Administrator having a discussion with a private organization about matters that the media cannot report on - and that no one in attendance can reveal? How did NASA public affairs sanction Bolden's participation in such an exclusive, elitist, and clearly non-transparent activity? With China's space program being one of the stated issues of concern for this event it is rather baffling that Bolden's comments would be declared unrepeatable by/to the public. I wonder what a FOIA request for Bolden's prepared comments would get as a response from NASA.

Keith's update: NASA PAO has declined to respond to a request made yesterday morning seeking clarification on this issue.

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