JPL Employees Want Congressional investigation Over PII Laptop Theft

Media Advisory JPL Employees Call for Congressional Investigation into NASA Privacy Breech

"Employees at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena have called for an immediate Congressional investigation into NASA's behavior in handling their personal data following the October 31 theft of a NASA laptop computer left unattended in a parked car in Washington DC. NASA waited two weeks before informing its employees that their personal information had been compromised and that they have been placed at risk of identity theft. The data on the stolen NASA laptop was not encrypted."

Press Conference on NASA Data Breach JPL Employees Call for Congressional Investigation into NASA Privacy Breech

"We warned of this possibility five years ago when we filed our lawsuit. We were ignored by the courts. Now, unfortunately, by virtue of the cavalier behavior of a NASA bureaucrat our argument has been proven. Our nightmare of five years ago has become a reality. We therefore are asking Congress to conduct an investigation into NASA's behavior in this unsavory affair and to develop new standards which protect the privacy of federal employees."

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