NASA OIG's Odd Email Warnings

Keith's note: I just got this email from the NASA OIG:

The NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) today released its Semiannual Report to Congress highlighting the OIG's activities and accomplishments from April 1 -September 30, 2012. View the full report and video summary at: and

Renee N. Juhans
Executive Officer
NASA Office of Inspector General

! WARNING ! This email including any attachments is intended only for authorized recipients. Recipients may only forward this information as authorized. This email may contain non-public information that is "Law Enforcement Sensitive," "Sensitive but Unclassified," or otherwise subject to the Privacy Act and/or legal and other applicable privileges that restrict release without appropriate legal authority and clearance. Accordingly, the use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of this information to or by unauthorized or unintended recipients, including but not limited to non-NASA recipients, may be unlawful.

Did anyone stop and think about adding this legal language to emails sent to the media - or the public? How am I supposed to interpret the scary and somewhat threatening warning? Seriously. Am I an "authorized recipient"? If so when did I become one? Who are "unauthorized or unintended recipients"? I am going to post this on a website read globally by people I will never be able to identify. I did not agree to these security issues - indeed, this email was sent to me unsolicited. The warning also says "may contain ..." Well, does it or doesn't it - how am I supposed to know? Can the sender change their mind after it is sent?

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