NASA Remains Silent on MSL News

Keith's note: Last week NASA PAO was telling the media that there would be an announcement (of what they did not know) of MSL results at the AGU meeting tomorrow next week. It has been a week since this story broke - one that spoke of results that would be "Earthshaking" and "one for the history books". Since then NASA has tried to unspin those characterizations but has said nothing officially (no media advisories, etc.) It would seem that no one at NASA knows what will be announced - or if anything will be announced - and that they do not care about telling the public - or the media - what is going on.

Given NASA SMD's recent botched PR efforts with regard to life in the universe i.e. "Arsenic-based life" and "Earthlike planets", yet another false alarm or flurry of unsubstantiated arm waving and hype followed by spin control would really undermine SMD's credibility.

Press Conference: Mars Rover Curiosity's Investigations in Gale Crater

"Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, California Monday, 3 December 9:00 a.m."

Keith's update: NASA has not made any statement about this event - nor have they said whether the press briefing will be webcast/televised or if media who are not at the meeting will be able to participate.

MSL Results: "Earthshaking ... one for the history books" Or Not?, earlier post

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