Questions Remain About Information on Stolen NASA Laptop

Keith's note: One NASA Watch reader writes: "I too received a letter warning of my PII being comprimised by the stolen laptop but there are two things that I find odd. 1) As was the case in the image of the letter posted on NASAWatch, the return address is a NASA emblem with the address of the retained security contractor's Portland address (since when can a contractor use an offical US gov emblem?); and 2) why does a NASA laptop have my PII considering I left the Agency in May 2009?"

Another reader writes: "I too received "the letter" about the stolen laptop and I retired from GSFC in mid-2003 - ten years ago! And it is my responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect myself?! Why after ten years would my PI be anywhere but at OPM let alone on someone's (NASA) unencrypted laptop?! Please keep their feet to the fire on this one Keith; NASA needs to be as well-steamed as I am."

NASA Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Update 20 Nov 2012

"The data analysis on the entire file has not yet been completed, but if data beyond SSN, date of birth and birthplace is found for individuals, we will send them another letter. Affected individuals identified to date include people who have applied for access to NASA information or facilities for which a background investigated is required."

NASA Internal Memo: Immediate Restriction on Laptops Leaving Ames

"Effective immediately, NO NASA LAPTOP may be taken off the Ames Research Center campus unless Whole Disk Encryption is enabled. I am fully aware that this is a more restrictive than the November 14, 2012 directive from the Agency Chief Information Office and Administrator, however, since that email, Ames has had two laptops stolen that we are now handling."

- NASA IT Blunder Update, earlier post
- Yet Another NASA IT Blunder, earlier post

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