JPL PAO Whines About Curiosity Parody

Plastic beads on Mars: The short life of a NASA spoof site, MSNBC

"Update for 10:30 p.m. ET: Veronica McGregor, who manages the news and social media office at JPL, sent me an email that filled in most of the remaining gaps in the story. "What I know about the site is, the manager/owner was contacted," she wrote. "The content on the site was not a concern, in fact we've truly enjoyed all of the spoofs out there. As you mentioned, it was the use of the page design, name and logos --and the possibility of confusion-- that was the concern. ... We didn't think people would be confused over the beads, just the page design."

Keith's note: Veronica McGregor only wants nice pro-JPL things out there. When a parody appears that strikes too close to home and intrudes on JPL's comfort zone she suddenly gets nervous and pulls out the rule book. Funny how all of the parodies out there that make overt use of NASA imagery, personal likelnesses (haircuts), etc. that make the Curiosity team look good are not only tolerated - JPL actually assists in their production - sometimes on-site.

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