Lesa Roe Won't Have to Ding Anyone's Performance

NASA LaRC Internal Email: 2,498 laptops later: The Miracle Has Occurred

"As you all know, today is the Agency deadline for all laptops to be fully encrypted. I am happy to report that as of 10:30 this morning Langley reached our goal by completing the DAR encryption of 2,498 government and ACES systems."

DAR Implementation Email from LaRC Center Director Lesa Roe, earlier post

"The Administrator has told all of his direct reports that he expects 100 percent completion by the 21st or it will be reflected in our performance. For clarity, I will do the same with each of you. I think you all know this but I will state it clearly ... this isn't an option ... it is mandatory for employment"

Keith's note: Of course, Lesa Roe had to explicitly warn her employees of possible disciplinary action from her office if this deadline was not met. She seems to have forgotten all about that. She, in turn, felt that Charlie Bolden had issued a similar warning to senior agency management. Something is seriously broken when you have to say things like this to your employees. Happy Holidays y'all.

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