NASA's Stolen Laptop and Data Problem Just Got Worse

Reader note: "This evening I received a second letter from NASA, stating that I'm also "one of a small number of individuals whose personal data was contained in the hard copy documents stolen with the laptop in the laptop bag." Now there's no question about whether my PII data has been exposed. Now more than ever, the one year offer of identity and credit monitoring that is being provided free of charge seems hardly a sufficient amount of time. I plan on 1) contacting NASA requesting additional duration of monitoring and 2) contacting my Representative, Adam Schiff, requesting for a Congressional inquiry as well. The redacted version (my personal info and NASA contact info have been removed) of the latest letter is attached."

Keith's note: NASA CIO Linda Cureton: please define "small number" given that over 11,000 employees had their personal information on this laptop due to your office's inept mismanagement of IT security. Is there any mention - in any memo to employees - of the fact that hard copies of employee information were also stolen? No. Do you post anything about this on the NASA CIO website? No.

NASA is just begging for a class action lawsuit by virtue of their inept response on this matter.

Oh yes - we blurred Richard Keegan's signature. Wonder why?

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