Lamar Smith Takes Over House Science Leadership

Statement of Chairman Lamar Smith Full Science, Space, and Technology Committee Organizational Meeting

"It's my hope that we will be considered a bipartisan committee, working together for the best interests of our country."

House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Oversight Plan for the 113th Congress

"The Committee will also examine the impact of large increases in funding for the Earth Science Directorate relative to funding requested for other science disciplines."

House Science Chairman Lamar Smith puts climate change assessment on agenda, Dallas Morning News

"I believe climate change is due to a combination of factors, including natural cycles, sun spots, and human activity. But scientists still don't know for certain how much each of these factors contributes to the overall climate change that the Earth is experiencing," Smith said through an aide. "It is the role of the Science Committee to create a forum for discussion so Congress and the American people can hear from experts and draw reasoned conclusions. During this process, we should focus on the facts rather than on a partisan agenda."

House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Oversight Plan for the 113th Congress

"Within the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee's jurisdiction, activities warranting further review include costs associated with cancellation of the Constellation program..."

Keith's note: With Mike Griffin's former staffer Chris Shank on Lamar Smith's staff, it was inevitable that this moot topic would be revisited one more time. As such, you should expect to see Mike Griffin's name on witness panel when this ends up as a hearing. Perhaps the most baffling thing is that Rep. Smith no longer felt that he needed the incredible expertise offered by having former NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale Fagan on his staff.

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