NASA Turns Down Space Florida Land Request (Update)

State requests spaceport land near Oak Hill, Daytona Beach News Journal

"In a response released last week, NASA said the property in question isn't "excess," that it's still needed as a buffer zone between NASA missions and the community and as "a potential site for future mission requirements. However the agency indicated it would like to "further discuss" how it might make lands available for a commercial launch complex "independent of the federal range." Space Florida President Frank DiBello called the response "disappointing," saying it did not reflect the "sense of urgency or commitment for commercial market thinking." On Saturday, Dale Ketcham, Space Florida's chief of strategic alliances, said the corporation "won't give up on this effort to develop new commercial launch capabilities."

- Letter from Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll to NASA Administrator Bolden, 20 September 2012

- Letter from NASA AA for Legislative and Governmental Affairs Seth Statler to Lt. Governor Hennifer Caroll, 30 Nov 2012

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