Webb Continues to Eat SMD's Lunch

James Webb Space Telescope squeezing budget, NASA official says, LA Times

"We are operating in a zero sum game right now," [Paul] Hertz said. The talk comes as James Webb's $8.8-billion price tag - up by $3.1 billion - has squeezed the astrophysics division's budget, taking up more than expected by the priority-setting 2010 decadal survey of astronomy and astrophysics. Though NASA's overall astrophysics budget is predicted to rise slightly in the coming years, the James Webb telescope is set to take up roughly half it by fiscal year 2014, Hertz said. Thus, the slice of money for all other astronomy and astrophysics missions has thinned somewhat. "It's not that our budget has gone down, it's that we're spending more on James Webb than we had planned on at the time the decadal survey was done," Hertz said."

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