Put A Space Exploration Message In Front of Star Trek (Update)

Aerospace Industries Association Crowdfunding Campaign to Advertise for Space Program

"The Aerospace Industries Association is leading a first-of-its-kind crowdfund campaign to showcase to students and young people the exciting new era of U.S. space exploration."

Please Support We Are The Explorers - A Movie Trailer for Our Space Program (With Video)

"NASA recently made an inspiring new online video narrated by Mr. Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime (see above), to show the progress being made on these new systems, but the agency is barred by law from buying advertising time for such a spot. Today we're running a crowdfunding campaign to edit this video into a 30 second spot, and place it in over 50 movie theaters around the country, starting with the premier of 'Star Trek Into Darkness.'"

Keith's update: The $33,000 goal was met a few minutes ago. According to the site "Now for the next "giant leap." With still weeks to go, we can expand our reach to the whole country. Our current funding pace puts us on target to place ads in at least one theater in every state in America. If we raise our funding total to $94,000, students, young people, and the general public will see this video from coast to coast. This new goal will expand our reach from 59 movie theater screens to 750 screens! "

Keith's update: After barely 48 72 96 hours this effort is nearly on-third more than half two-thirds of the way towards its goal having raised just under $10,000 over $17,000 $22,000 $26,000. Once the goal is exceeed additional funds will help the video appear in an even larger number of theaters. Interestingly, the bulk of the donations come in small amounts from approximately 500 800 people (thus far).

Mini-Drones From Star Trek Logo Over London

"On Saturday night, to mark Earth Hour and simultaneously plug the upcoming instalment in the film franchise, 30 mini-drones formed the Star Trek insignia beside Tower Bridge."

Keith's note: Hmm ... what would it take to make a NASA logo like this ...

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