SpaceX Likes Texas

SpaceX official testifies before House committee, Brownsville Herald

"At Thursday's committee hearing, Caryn Schenewerk, counsel and director of government affairs for SpaceX, testified that Texas is high on the list for the future site of a launch facility for the company's rockets. "We want to be somewhere where our activity is valued." she added. The SpaceX official testified that what SpaceX is doing is a capital-intensive endeavor and before the company chooses a site it wants to ensure that it will face no last-minute legal issues that might prevent rocket launches. "We don't want the one-in-10,000 person who wants to stop our activities and tries to get, for example, an injunction against the noise it will create. We want to know that we come to a community and to a state that values that noise," she said."

Keith's note: BTW @SpaceX refers to the Grasshopper cowboy as "Johnny".

Cowboy Rocketship, earlier post

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