Charlie Bolden's Vision For A Happy Tomorrow

Message from the NASA Administrator: Preparing Our Workforce for the Future

"Instead of resting on past achievements, NASA has always been about reaching for the future. As I look ahead, I see a NASA that is a model organization operating even more effectively than today - a seamless organization that applies resources and talents across our agency as needed. I see an agency that is not constrained by stovepipes or traditional boundaries. Agility and versatility are encouraged, and being good stewards of taxpayer dollars while using the best tools to accomplish our bold mission is a part of everything we do."

Keith's note: I find it to be somewhat ironic to hear this from someone who has done more to foster the implementation of stovepipes (and the installation of protective fences around existing stovepipes) than any of his recent predecessors. Much of this resulted from his chronic inability to make tough decisions or stay "on message" with any degree of consistency. After 4 years, and ongoing talk of who his replacement will be, I guess Charlie finally got the message. Or at least he wants you think that he has.

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