GoreSat Lives - Again and Again and Again.

Satellite shelved after 2000 election to now fly

"Obama proposed Wednesday spending nearly $35 million in his 2014 budget to refurbish a satellite, nicknamed GoreSat by critics, that's been sitting in storage after it was shelved in 2001, months after Bush took office. It cost about $100 million by then with NASA's internal auditors faulting its cost increases."

- Vice President Gore challenges NASA to build a new satellite to provide live images of Earth from outer space, 13 March 1998

"Vice President Gore proposed today that NASA scientists and engineers design, build and operate a satellite that will make available a live image of earth 24 hours a day on the Internet."

- Triana Mission Selected, 27 October 1998

"Triana is a $75 million mission to be launched by December 2000 from the Space Shuttle cargo bay."

- Assessment of the Triana Mission, G-99-013, Final Report, 10 September 1999

"When the Triana mission was announced in March 1998, NASA hoped to keep the project's cost close to $20 million and definitely below $50 million."

- GoreSat Is Back, 23 July 2009

"If the team determines that the satellite can be refurbished and launched, they will make a recommendation to the President. Notionally, NOAA and NASA would pay for refurbishing the satellite, the Air Force would pay for the launch, and all agencies would receive the data."

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According to the FY2014 budget: "The Deep Space Observatory mission is a multi-agency (NOAA, US Air Force, and NASA) mission planned for launch in 2014 with the primary goal of making unique space weather measurements from the Lagrange point L1. Lagrange point L1 is on the direct line between Earth and the Sun. NASA will complete the integration of the two Earth-observing instruments, the Earth Poly-Chromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Radiometer (NISTAR) to the DSCOVR satellite. NASA will also develop and implement the necessary algorithms to enable the "Earth at noon" images from the satellite once on orbit."

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