Green Technology Behind The Security Barrier

NASA Establishes a Sustainability Base on Earth,

"It was inconceivable to me that in the 21st century, in the heart of Silicon Valley, NASA would be building a building that could have been built 25 years ago," [Ames Associate Director Steve Zornetzer] said. "NASA had to build the highest-performing building in the federal government, embed NASA technology inside and make a statement to the public that NASA was giving back to the people of planet Earth what it had developed for advanced aerospace applications," he said."

Keith's note: Alas, this building is inside the NASA security barrier so 99.99% of taxpayers i.e. the "public" will never see it or be able to learn from its design. But you can look at this pretty website. Your green tax dollars at work. FWIW it would be really easy to move the fence.

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