House Hearing on Asteroid Threats

Private Companies can Play Key Role in Tracking Asteroids

"Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas): "Most troubling to me is the fact that of the up to 20,000 asteroids that could be labeled as 'city destroyers,' we have identified only 10 percent. And we are unlikely to have the means to detect 90 percent until 2030."

Committee Democrats Discuss Need to Detect and Prepare for Near-Earth Objects Smaller Than Currently Mandated

"Witnesses and Democratic Members discussed international dialogue, emergency preparedness, communication with the public, and the need for examining potential mitigation approaches. They also expressed concern about the role private entities play in the detection and mitigation of asteroids."

- Prepared Statement by Michael A'Hearn
- Prepared Statement by Donald Yeomans
- Prepared Statement by Ed Lu

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