Inspiration Mars Is Drinking the SLS Koolaid

Feasibility Analysis for a Manned Mars Free-Return Mission in 2018, Inspiration Mars, Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon colloquium

Keith's note: One chart in this presentation lists using SLS as an option. What are these people smoking? They cannot afford to buy one of these launches at $1 billion or more, NASA certainly is not going to give them one for free, and its not certain that SLS will even be ready to launch in time to meet their tight schedule - much less with the reliability NASA is going to require before allowing humans fly to Mars on a trajectory that offers no bail out options.

Inspiration Mars considers NASA's Space Launch System, ULA rockets for 2018 Mars trip, Huntsville Times

"At their [Tito and another executive of his Inspiration Mars non-profit organization] request NASA briefed them on the capabilities of SLS and Orion," Marshall spokeswoman Kim Henry said Wednesday. Asked if SLS could support a Mars mission, Henry said that it could. It was not immediately clear, however, how SLS could meet Tito's deadline for a launch of Jan. 15, 2018. That timing is critical to take advantage of a Mars-Earth alignment that won't occur again before 2031, Tito's organization says."

Inspiration Mars Is Being Pushed by NASA To Consider SLS, earlier post

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