Official NASA Rubber Chicken Mascot Gets Movie Cameo and Travel Waiver

Keith's note: This is how the Twitter account @Camilla_SDO describes itself: "I am Camilla SDO, NASA SDO's Mission Mascot. I help with Education & Public Outreach and I train to fly to Space." This twitter account is actualy run by Romeo Durscher, a financial management analyst at Stanford. @Camilla_SDO recently tweeted "@JeriLRyan Have my 1st red carpet event this month. Had a small role in Space Warriors with Josh Lucas. So excited. I'll stick to being me!"

I simply do not understand. First NASA cuts EPO across the agency to meet sequester constraints. Now the FY 2014 budget totally guts EPO at SMD - essentially setting it to $0.00. NASA cuts important education and public outreach projects conducted by education professionals - yet the agency still officially supports and encourages a rubber chicken mascot with a NASA logo to travel to a Hollywood premiere - with a financial analyst? Apparently the rubber chicken and its handler/analyst have a special waiver.

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