It's Summer Vacation Time

Keith's note: My postings on NASA Watch are going to be far less frequent for a while. But I will post from time to time. I am taking the Summer off to work on other things and spend as much time possible in the woods or on my deck.

I will be trying to focus on things that do not involve watching the White House and Congress go back and forth on what they do/do not want NASA to do and how much they will/will not fund NASA to do/not do these things. I'll also be spending less time watching Charlie Bolden stumble through his daily tasks while a disinterested White House turns a blind eye to his haphazard management of the agency.

Of course its not all Charlie's fault since management and employees at headquarters and the field centers continue to undermine him while simultaneously erecting stove pipes and barriers to collaboration at every possible opportunity. In all the years I have either been employed by - or "watching" - NASA I have never seen things more screwed up than they are now.

And before you start typing, let's not get into commercial or so-called "new space" solutions to NASA's woes. New space is not really "new". Rather it is often just a bunch of disenfranchised people looking for a handout (many of them are outright charlatans). Despite some recent and undeniably astounding commercial successes America's existing approach to exploring and utilizing space is rotting at its core - and that core is NASA. That core needs fixing - otherwise private sector solutions will not work - indeed they will just make things worse by distracting people from what really needs to be done.

That said, some of the smartest people on Earth are at NASA and they still manage to explore our planet and the cosmos with incredible ingenuity, determination, and passion in spite of bungled and often inept "leadership" from above. What worries me now is how our nation's space agency is undermining what it will leave behind for the next generation.

To be blunt: I am tired of listening to all of you whine while you won't lift a finger to fix the things that you clearly know are in need of fixing. No one wants to compromise or take risks. I am tired of having to chronicle this incessant food fight in and around NASA - a food fight that none of you seem at all interested in ending.

Carry on. Enjoy your cubicles. You won't miss me.

Marc's note: While Keith is away NASA Watch will carry on. Besides getting my input I'll feature some thoughts from some of our loyal readers from time to time on all issues NASA.

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