More Kepler Data Available

Kepler Delivers More Data for Exoplanet HuntersKepler Delivers More Data for Exoplanet Hunters, NASA Ames Research Center

"On May 28 NASA's Kepler mission delivered new data to the NASA Exoplanet Archive for Exoplanet hunters to dig into. At the same, NASA Ames Research Center's Michele Johnson sat down with Michael Haas, Kepler science office director, for an interview to find out more."

Marc's note: The data includes 1,924 Kepler Objects of Interest (KOIs) that have not been fully analyzed yet.

"MJ: If you haven't finished the analysis, why are you releasing this information now? It seems rather preliminary.

MH: You are right, it is preliminary, but it also represents a significant body of work and contains valuable information for the scientific community."

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