SpaceX IPO, Not so Fast

Twitter Post, Elon Musk

"No near term plans to IPO @SpaceX. Only possible in very long term when Mars Colonial Transporter is flying regularly."

Marc's note: This is an interesting Tweet from Elon and a bit of an about face. Going public has been mentioned on and off for several years. Going public could bring in some serious cash to allow the company to expand, but why do it when you're already profitable and you would have to deal with all the downsides of being public.

On the other hand, one reason why SpaceX was considering going public was the 500 rule. When a company has 500 or more investors you're required to start releasing quarterly financial information to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Most companies go public before that happens. Elon has stated that all employees get stock options. In may they reported they had over 1800 employees. So how many have exercised their stock options? And will SpaceX start reporting, but not go public?

Mars'c update: A reader pointed out that the 500 rule was changed in the JOBS act of last year to 2000 persons.

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