Virgin Galactic and XCOR Increase Customer Base

Virgin Galactic CEO Counts 625 Customers For Suborbital Trips, Aviation Week

"Virgin Galactic has signed up 625 individuals for its planned suborbital spaceflights, lining up revenue of at least $125 million, in what CEO George Whitesides asserts is a strong sign of the excitement and potential of commercial space ventures."

More Than 200 Tickets Sold For Space Travel, Curacao Chronicle

"About 230 tickets of $ 100,000 each were now sold to travel to space from Curacao space, according to a NOS report. The first flight from Curacao will be carried out in 2016 by Space Expedition Corporation with the Lynx. The commercial space flight is becoming a reality."

Marc's note: While the numbers and revenue look ok for a pricey service which hasn't launched a single customer yet, the true test will be to see how the customer rate climbs after the few customer launches. Meanwhile according to the Curacao Chronicle XCRO has sold 230 tickets though it's launch base in Curacao has yet to be approved.

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