How Science Fiction Powers NASA

NASA is turning science fiction into fact (Interview with NASA ARC Center Director Pete Worden), New Scientist

"Is science fiction a big source of inspiration? Here, there's almost a secret handshake among engineers who have read lots of science fiction. It lets you dream - how can we make that technology real, how can we make a better future?

What are your dreams for exploring space? A principal tenet of science fiction is that there are planets out there with intelligent life. For most of the history of astrophysics we haven't been able to see those worlds, but we are starting to see planets like Earth. I dream of going to those worlds. That's my life's inspiration.

What excites you most about your work? This century, even more than the last one, is the space century - especially with the private sector and many more countries getting involved. The stuff we're doing at Ames is turning science fiction into fact. This is the coolest job I have ever had."

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