If You Connect to NASA - and Something Goes Wrong - Deal With It

NASA HEOMD Internal Memo on Personal Electronic Devices, NASA

"No one wants their personal property tampered with -- we understand that. If you complain loudly because your device does something you don't like as a result of the policies and settings pushed to your personal device as a result of our efforts to improve IT security, or if mistakes are made and you happen to be the unlucky victim of one, and it gets enough attention, either personal devices may be banned in the future from connecting to NASA email and non-public facing systems, or you'll have to officially request the ability to connect a personal device, take SATERN training, sign paperwork explicitly accepting the risks to your personal device or data, and so on. That will add more bureaucracy and obstacles and hassles to doing what should be a reasonable thing, which is enabling you to read and respond to email via your personal devices. It's up to you how you respond to these changes. If you don't want NASA making any changes to your personal devices, please do not connect your personal device(s) to NASA email or internal networks. This is a compromise that allows your flexibility and choice. And please note that these changes will help protect your personal data on the device, not just NASA data."

Keith's note: In other words NASA wants you to think that they are doing you a favor by allowing you to use a cellphone that you paid for to do government work. Also ... if you use your personal device to connect to NASA and something goes wrong you had better shut up and do not complain about it - or bad things will happen.

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