OIG: NASA Has Too Much Broken and Unused Old Stuff

NASA Infrastructure: Enabling Discovery and Ensuring Capability, Testimony of NASA OIG Paul Martin

"NASA is the ninth largest Federal Government property holder, controlling approximately 4,900 buildings and structures with an estimated replacement value of more than $30 billion. More than 80 percent of the Agency's facilities are 40 or more years old and beyond their design life. However, NASA has not been able to fully fund required maintenance for its facilities and in 2012 estimated its deferred maintenance costs at $2.3 billion. Moreover, a 2012 Agency study estimated that NASA may have as many as 865 unneeded facilities with associated annual maintenance costs of more than $24 million."

NASA Desperately Needs Road Map to Manage Aging Assets, House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

"According to NASA's own study, the agency has a backlog of nearly $2.2 billion in deferred maintenance. NASA is the ninth largest real property holder in the federal government. However, nearly 80 percent of the agency's facilities are 40 or more years old."

Testimony of NASA AA Richard Keegan on NASA's Aging Infrastructure

Keith's note: Summary: NASA does not admit that there are any problems and wants you to think all is well. NASA does not really do anything to address the issues raised by everyone else, but they sure do a lot of studies.

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