Will China Continue to Lurk at ISECG?

CNSA Chief Says China Would Gladly Join Global Space Roadmapping Group if Asked, Space News

"One non-Chinese government official said China is already an observer to the ISECG [International Space Exploration Coordination Group] work and that it was China, not ISECG, which in the past had resisted China's joining as a full member. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, who regularly fields questions about the apparent U.S. government policy of hostility to China's space efforts during annual conferences like IAC, said nothing in U.S. policy would prevent China's becoming a full ISECG member. Bolden said that as far as he was concerned, China was already a part of the ISECG process."

International Partnership Releases Space Exploration Benefits Paper, NASA

"NASA and the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) released a white paper Friday outlining benefits of human exploration of space."

Keith's note: If you go to the last page of the August 2013 ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap you will see a graphic of Earth surrounded by space agency logos. CNSA's logo is included. However, the word "China" or acronym "CNSA" do not appear anywhere in this document. If you go to the USECG website CNSA is listed as a member. So apparently China is "observing" - but doing little else.

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