Bolden Wants To Continue to Work With China on Space Projects

US and China partner on small-scale space projects, South China Morning Post

"Bai expressed gratitude for US help on China's space programmes. Nasa, for instance, provided "enormous help" with the construction of satellite ground stations for remote sensing, he was quoted by the statement as saying. Bai said the two sides were co-operating on space geodesy, which dealt with the three-dimensional measurement of the earth. The co-operation had been going on for years and has produced encouraging results. China hoped the collaboration could continue. .. Bolden said Nasa was "highly serious" about working with the Chinese. He wished for more co-operation in fields such as space-to-earth observation. Representatives with several academy institutes, such as National Space Centre and Shanghai Astronomical Observation Centre, had attended the event. Neither Nasa nor the agency responded to the Post's inquiries about the meeting."

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