How To Reimburse Contractors After the Shutdown

NASA Procurement Information Circular PIC 13-05 October 25, 2013

"GUIDANCE: Under the terms of their contracts, contractors are responsible for submitting complete, proper requests for payment due to impacts of the Government shutdown, including identifying the contract clause under which payment is sought and including sufficient supporting documentation. [contracting officers] COs may not solicit requests; COs may respond to contractor questions but should not influence a contractor's choice of whether or how to pursue requests for payment. Contracting officers must evaluate contractor requests related to the Government shutdown on a contract-by-contract basis. CO evaluations must include an examination of the cost or delivery extensions requested, and a determination that adjustment is appropriate under the contract clause or term specified by the contractor. While it is not appropriate for the CO to advise the contractor on its options, during the evaluation process, the CO may determine that a request for payment should have been made under a different authority, and should notify the contractor accordingly."

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