NASA Shutdown Is Underway

Statement by the President

"NASA will shut down almost entirely, but Mission Control will remain open to support the astronauts serving on the Space Station."

NASA Planning for a Lapse in Appropriations Update, NASA Memo

"If a FY 2014 continuing resolution is not passed before 12:01 AM on October 1, NASA can only engage in activities related to the orderly shutdown of operations and performance of excepted activities. As a required part of a shutdown, employees who will not be performing activities excepted by law will be furloughed and unable to work for the duration of the shutdown, unless recalled for an excepted activity."

NASA Ames Center Operations During a Furlough

"All NASA employees, unless individually informed otherwise by your supervisor(s), are designated as non-excepted.  This means that, if funding lapses, you will be furloughed."

Message from the NASA Administrator - Planning for an Orderly Shutdown

"Your managers will begin reaching out to you tomorrow (Thursday, September 26) to provide additional detail on our contingency plans and your status under a potential lapse. These conversations are designed to provide clarity on how a potential lapse will affect you, but they do not constitute an official notice of furlough. Official furlough notices will only be issued on October 1 if a lapse in funding has occurred."

NASA Internal Memo: Notification of Furlough Status

Letter from NASA to OMB Regarding NASA's Shutdown plan

"The estimated time to complete the shutdown for routine agency activities, which includes the vast majority of NASA employees, contractor employees, and facilities, is less than on-half day."

More than 2,000 NASA workers in Huntsville look to Washington today as government shutdown looms,

"Right now, NASA is warning its employees that they may not be paid for any furloughed time off. Pay will depend on future appropriations."

Appropriations Lapse Could Result in NASA Furloughs, earlier post

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