Once Again Washington Post Makes Claims - Without Fact Checking

Dream Chaser has rough landing in test flight, but firm hails 'successful day' for space plane

"Sierra Nevada is perhaps the underdog in the competition to win the NASA contract to haul astronauts to the international space station."

Keith's note: You just toss this out there, Joel Achenbach, and never provide a source or data to substantiate your statement. Why is SNC the "underdog"? Boeing has yet to fly their CST-100 in space. Why aren't they "underdogs" too? There's a pattern to your reporting.

- Let's Throw Away Yet Another Space Station, earlier post

"Joel Achenbach at the Washington Post does not seem to think that the ISS does much, is dangerous, and will just be dumped in the ocean. He clearly went looking for ISS problems - not the promise and potential of the ISS when he wrote this article."

- Hit and Run Space Policy Analysis, earlier post (2004)

"This article is a classic example of simplistic, hit and run "analysis". First you make up your mind. In this case: "Humans bad; robots good". Then you find selective quotes or events to back up your point. And by all means do NOT reference an opinion that is contrary to yours - since it would interrupt the flow of one liners and cute observations you have already written. How do I know this? Because the author (Joel Achenbach) called me early in the process of writing this article and blurted out that simple premise - before I even had a chance to provide any insight - and then he admitted that he knew nothing about the process that lead up to the development of the policy. I then spent 20 minutes filling him in - from my perspective, of course. Oh well."

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