Alan Hochstein

Reader note: "Alan Hochstein, longtime Shuttle Approach & Landing expert passed away today. He may not have been a major figure like Kraft, et. Al. But ask the astronauts about Hochstein. They had a very healthy respect for his critiques. Wayne Hale refers to him in his blog." Alan Worked for Rockwell International and received a Silver Snoopy in 1992.

Wayne Hale's Blog: Hochstein's Law

"Alan was the senior landing analyst. That means he studied more and worked harder than anyone to understand how the shuttle flies - especially in the final approach and landing phase. One part of Alan's job was to analyze the telemetry from each shuttle landing and see how that compared to the "ideal" landing. So in a quiet office environment over a couple of weeks, Alan and his team would look at each telemetry point, every sample (up to 125 per second for some parameters) and compute how each one affected the landing."

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