Is TCAT the New ZBR (Zero Base Review)?

Message from the Associate Administrator -- Aligning Our Agency for the Future

"Since TCAT was established, the budget environment has remained challenging, and the team's work has gained increased priority. As a result, you may see elements of the assessment or implementation underway at your center. The goal of this effort is to strengthen our centers in their primary areas of expertise. Each center will see increased investment in some areas and decreased investment in others. ... Since this work is so important right now, we have brought one of the agency's most seasoned professionals on board to oversee it. Lesa Roe, currently Center Director at the Langley Research Center in Virginia, will be detailed to Headquarters as the Deputy Associate Administrator to oversee TCAT."

Keith's note: Sounds like Son of ZBR (Zero Base Review) i.e. ZBR 2.0 to me.

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