Killing ISS: A Stupid Idea That Might Just Happen

Options for Reducing the Deficit: 2014 to 2023 Office: Eliminate Human Space Exploration Programs, CBO

"This option would terminate NASA's human space exploration and space operations programs, except for those necessary to meet space communications needs (such as communication with the Hubble Space Telescope). The agency's science and aeronautics programs and robotic space missions would continue. Eliminating those human space programs would save $73 billion between 2015 and 2023, the Congressional Budget Office estimates."

China Unveils Space Station Research Plans, Space News

"China is positioning itself to provide orbital laboratory space, experiment racks and facilities to scientists worldwide following the completion of the U.S.-led international space station program. "China Space Station (CSS) will operate in orbit from 2022 to 2032. This period will provide much more opportunities to scientists in China and all of the world after the international space station," Gu Yidong, president of the China Society of Space Research, said at the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research conference here Nov. 3 - 8."

Keith's note: NASA cannot fully develop and operate SLS - and extend ISS beyond 2020. There is simply not enough money to do both. But viable commercial alternatives and architectures abound. Watch as JSC squares off against MSFC and KSC and their respective congressional delegations. Meanwhile Russia is talking about a post-ISS world and China wants to create their own ISS - including the whole "international" bit. NASA took a generation and $80-100 billion to create ISS only to throw it away before it achieves its fullest potential? Crazy you say? We walked away from Apollo. NASA, Congress, and the White House are creatures of habit.

NASA Will Face Solomon's Choice in 2014, earlier post

"Given that the funds are simply not going to be available to keep the ISS alive and functioning and to fully construct and operate the SLS/Orion system, something has to give. Are we going to have to kill one to insure the other's survival? That is the choice that that is presenting itself - a clear recipe for disaster as far as NASA's human space flight plans are concerned."

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