2014 BA3 - Possible Asteroid Robotic Retrieval Mission Target?

2014 BA3 Goldstone Radar Observations Planning

"2014 BA3 was discovered by the Mt. Lemmon Survey (Arizona) on January 21, 2014. It has an absolute magnitude of 28.3 suggesting a diameter within a factor of two of only 7 meters, but nothing else is known about its physical properties. This object is one of the best candidates ever discovered for NASA's new Asteroid Robotic Retrieval Mission, so we will try to detect echoes at Goldstone to improve the asteroid's orbit and to characterize its physical properties. ... 2014 BA3 will approach within 0.0151 AU on January 26. This object is at about 20th magnitude so it is a difficult target for observers using optical telescopes. "

- Asteroid 2014 BA3, JPL Small Body Database Simulator
- NASA Asteroid Initiative

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