NASA Is Not Allowing Remote Access to Some Advisory Meetings

Keith's note: Have a look at the Federal Register notices for these upcoming advisory committee meetings at NASA in January:

- NASA International Space Station Advisory Committee Meeting (Today)
- NASA Applied Sciences Advisory Committee Meeting
- NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Meeting

Notice anything missing? NASA is not offering Webex or dial in access to these meetings - something that the NAC has been offering for the past several years for its activities (these three are non-NAC committees). Several of these committees have had remote access before. By denying such access to these meetings, NASA is deliberately inhibiting the the public's ability to observe these meetings thus decreasing openness and transparency - something that all government agencies have been directed to do.

As noted in "Unexplained NASA Advisory Council Changes (Update)" posted last month, NASA said "Under the 2013 NAC Charter, the number of NAC meetings per year is approximately three.  Under the 2011 NAC Charter, it was approximately four.  The decision to reduce the number of NAC meetings per year was driven by budget considerations."

Is NASA really trying to save money by not offering Webex or dial-in access to some of its advisory meetings? If so, there are ways to do simple audio streams and posting of presentations that should cost virtually nothing - in the real world, that is. Indeed, if NASA finds physical meetings too expensive, the easiest and most cost effective thing for them to do is use remote access whenever possible!

Indeed, the ASAP and ISS committee meetings are only an hour long. Think of all the money NASA is spending to fly people in for a one hour meeting when they could dial in or participate via WebEx.

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