Can Tee Vee Pundits Understand Space Policy?

Surrendering in Space, Paul Spudis

"The program was divided into four segments, one for each area of national concern. A five-minute news overview preceded each segment, followed by a four-member panel discussion of each report's content. Space advocates should take sober notice that the panelists - all well-read, highly regarded Beltway pundits (from both ends of the political spectrum) - appear to be fairly uninformed about many of the space policy issues. But consider: they are representative of the intelligent general public, to whom we wish to convince of the value and importance of space."

Keith's note: And of course, this aired on Fox so everyone blamed President Obama for implementing the decision made by President Bush to retire the Space Shuttle and none of them has ever heard of SpaceX. And none of them could smell the pork aspect of the SLS. Again, this program aired on Fox. That said, Paul Spudis manages to distill what these talking heads said, or might have said, or should have said, and thus explains why U.S. space policy is adrift and is a pale reflection of what it once was or could be - minus the Fox snark. Not that MSNBC or CNN can do much better with their own flavor of clueless snarkiness, of course.

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