JSC Ordered To Shut Down Reduced Flight Program

Keith's note: The Technical Capabilities Assessment Team has decided to shut down the reduced flight program at JSC and transfer what is left of it to AFRC. JSC Center Director Ochoa has been directed to shut things down by mid-summer and mothball their C-9. Henceforth NASA will depend on one source: ZeroG. No real reason is given - and AFRC admits that it does not have the staff to run the program. A common ongoing complaint among users of ZeroG's jet is the poor quality of the microgravity levels during its parabolas. Typical NASA decision making process.

- Zero G and Other Microgravity Simulations Summary Report, NASA/TM-2013-217373
- Feasibility of Use of NASA JSC C9 Aircraft If It Were To Be Furnished As Government Furnished Equipment, earlier post
- Extension of NASA Microgravity Services Contract ( Zero Gravity Corporation)
- NASA OIG is Not Pleased With ZeroG, earlier post
- ZeroG Responds to OIG Report, earlier post

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