ISEE-3's Science Payload Is Working

This is the moment of First Contact with ISEE-3 last week at Arecibo. Austin Epps is on the left, Balint Seeber (doing the happy dance) is on the right. Dennis Wingo (on the phone) was up in the dome on the dish. Meanwhile, Keith was in his basement office answering media inquires while watching this all live via Skype, but he still took time out for his own happy dance.

Screengrab of today's ISEE-3 pass at Arecibo

ISEE-3 Status Report 5 June 2014 (Afternoon)

"We are doing a receive run - NOW - from Arecibo controlled via laptop from ISEE-3 Mission Control at McMoons in northern California. Taking data received on 29 May 2014, we have performed demodulation, error correction, and frame construction. Approximately 1,000 frames of telemetry have been received and processed. 773 Frames were received with no errors. More telemetry processing is currently underway."

ISEE-3 Status Report 5 June 2014 (Morning)

"We have received authorization from NASA to communicate with (and command) ISEE-3 until 25 June. Meanwhile, analysis of telemetry from ISEE- 3 shows that *ALL* of its science instruments are still powered on. Telemetry also shows that ISEE-3 has a power margin of +28 watts - after 36 years. It is important to note that ISEE-3 has not had a functioning battery for decades. Indeed, this power capacity is what was projected for the spacecraft to have had in 1982 after 4 years in space."

More information on the ISEE-3 Reboot Project

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