NASA Technology Outreach Is Still Scattered and Dysfunctional

NASA Partners With Edison Nation to Promote MindShift Technology, LaRC

"NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, is working with Edison Nation, an open innovation online service, to help distribute its discoveries and patents. By law, federal agencies are required to have a technology transfer program to promote commercial activity, economic growth and innovation in business and commerce. Edison Nation will target companies that can immediately license and use NASA technology, beginning with Langley's MindShift."

Keith's note: So ... is this yet another center-specific procurement - one that duplicates what NASA HQ and other centers are doing - or is this a program that is supposed to serve all NASA centers? If this is NASA-wide then why isn't HQ announcing it - and why aren't all of the other NASA centers distributing this news? Langley doesn't even mention it on their Technology Gateway page - nor is there any mention at -- both of which included in this press release. Edison Nation can't be bothered to mention it either. And of course, no mention is made at the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate.

Speaking of disjointed NASA technology transfer activities, why is it that NASA Tech Briefs seems to be utterly uninterested in relaying what NASA is doing? They don't even link to NASA! Why should they be allowed to use the NASA logo?

- Why Does NASA Ignore NASA Tech Briefs?, earlier post, 2011
- Dysfunctional Technology Efforts at Langley (Update), earlier post, 2012

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