Why USAF Is Breathing Its Own Fumes

Boeing And Lockheed Strike Back Against Elon Musk, Business Insider

The head of Lockheed Martin's space division approached the issue in these stark terms during an interview with the Financial Times today, saying, "The government has a certification process that I think everybody ought to adhere to." But certification isn't quite this straightforward. The Air Force has only ever certified one company to launch its military and spy satellites: ULA. As Keith Cowing, a former NASA astrobiologist and blogger for NASA Watch explained to Business Insider, this very limited experience stacks the certification process against potential newcomers. "ULA has been launching rockets the traditional way since forever and that's the basis on which the Air Force and NASA builds their accreditation," Cowing said. "If someone comes along with a new or possibly better way of launching rockets you have an immediate conflict because the old way of doing things is how the new way is going to be evaluated."

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