ISEE-3 Engines Fired (Update)

Keith's 2 July note: We just fired the engines on ISEE-3 to perform a spin-up burn. Preliminary results confirm the burn and a change in rotation. The spin rate was originally 19.16 rpm. It is now at 19.76 rpm. The original mission specifications call for 19.75 +/- 0.2 rpm - so we are exactly where we wanted to be.

Keith's 7 July update: We are planning to try and do our Trajectory Correction Maneuver burn tomorrow. Arecibo window extends from 12:42pm - 3:29pm EDT. Follow along at @ISEE3Reboot

- ISEE-3 Reboot Project Mission Control Team (photo)
- Jóvenes por el Espacio Grupo México Listens to ISEE-3
- ISEE-3 Current Location 3 July 2014

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