New Commercial Moon Study

New Commercial Moon Services Study Available, SpaceRef Business

"The Space Angels Network brought to my attention a new study by Chad Anderson a Managing Director of the Space Angels Network. Chad completed the study while obtaining his MBA at Oxford. The study was finished in 2013 but has only been recently made public."

Executive Summary

"With a focus on cost reduction the emergence of commercial launch providers is dramatically increasing access to space, enabling new markets like lunar transportation. SpaceX, for example, has already lowered the cost of mass to orbit by a factor of 10 and is projecting another 40 to 60 percent reduction. Additionally, the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize has initiated competition to reach the lunar surface by 2015, and like many competitions before, is spurring the creation of an entirely new industry, this time for lunar services. Of the 23 companies competing there are two established front runners: Astrobotic and Moon Express. Each of these companies are in the competition for more than just the prize money. With long-term aspirations, both companies are looking to capitalize on 40+ years of pent up demand for lunar science and services. Additionally, at least two government agencies in addition to NASA are developing lunar landers with aspirations of reaching the lunar surface. A market for lunar services is already emerging and while some companies are focused on developing longer-term plans to return humans to the lunar surface, there are also many companies with nearer-term needs for lunar services.

This study estimates the current and forecasted demand for lunar services through 2020. The goal of this study is to provide information to Astrobotic decision makers on the emerging market for lunar activity by analyzing customers, market size, trends, and areas of uncertainty in eight distinct potential markets. This study was conducted without pay by Chad Anderson."

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