Someone at NOAA Really Hates Star Trek

Investigative Report,National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Review of Improper Expenditure for GOES-R Ground Segment Team Activity

"The OIG also determined that 13 movie attendees--six government and seven contract employees--had failed to charge their attendance at the movie as non-work hours. The timecards for those 13 employees were later amended or annotated, after the OIG initiated investigation 13-0948-I, to reflect the use of annual leave/personal time or a reference to offsetting hours worked to cover participation in the team event. The OIG concluded investigation 13-0948-I on March 17, 2014, with a determination that, absent these adjustments, the government paid $3,487.31 in taxpayer-funded wages for employees to attend the theater showing of "Star Trek Into Darkness."

Keith's note: I can understand the whole time card thing. But ... NOAA GOES-R (a satellite) employees, who work at an agency (run by a former astronaut) that operates a large number of satellites (in outer space) - attend a SciFi movie (about space) and someone thinks that this contributed to GOES-R delays? Its possible, I suppose - if the individuals involved were actually in launch-critical positions. But DC Metro and traffic delays probably had a much more prominent effect. Meanwhile, everyone wanted NASA to do more tie-in promotions with the very same movie. I hope someone files a FOIA request seeking out the time charges (expense) for the NOAA IG to do this report.

Audit of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R Series: Comprehensive Mitigation Approaches, Strong Systems Engineering, and Cost Controls Are Needed to Reduce Risks of Coverage Gaps, 25 April 2013.

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