Alliance for Space Development: Yawn - Yet Another Space Group

Keith's note: I just got this from the "Alliance for Space Development - Seminary Road - Alexandria, Va 22311 - USA" today who proclaims: "You're invited! To an announcement of the formation of a new coalition of organizations focused on space development - with special guests Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Rep. Chaka Fattah. The National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation, along with 9 other space organizations, are joining together to create a new strategic alliance for space development and commerce."

Yawn. Yet another space group - except there already are several space alliances/coalitions in place that seek to speak about space with one voice (Space Exploration Alliance, Coalition for Space Exploration, Commercial Spaceflight Federation, etc.). So ... is this new thing an alliance of alliances or just another rearrangement of the deck chairs occupied by the usual suspects? The organizations that are excluded from this group are of equal importance to those that are included. Since this latest creation is not totally inclusive will there need to be a higher level of space group alliances that includes everyone who has been omitted (or who belong to rival alliances/coalitions)? Does this have anything to do with Rick Tumlinson's self-indulgent Pioneering Space National Summit held this week in Washington? This is getting to be hopelessly bureaucratized‎. But who cares. Space people just love to announce alliances and initiatives and movements etc.

The Alliance for Space Development email goes on to say:

"We will be unveiling the details on this new alliance, as well the details on our joint national legislative campaign to advance space policy in 2015. We are pleased that Congressmen Chaka Fattah and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher will join us, along with representatives of other space organizations, to explain why this is important to space development, commerce, and settlement, and how we will implement our legislative agenda. Please join us in Rayburn 2325 on Feb. 25th at 10 am for the press conference announcing the formation of this exciting new partnership. We will explain how the legislative agenda of our alliance will create a trillion-dollar space economy, improve national security, and establish America as the unequivocal leader in space far into the 21st Century."

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