NASA Public Affairs Is Not Interested in Dawn or Ceres

Keith's note: Dwayne Brown from NASA SMD PAO only gave trivial advance notice for media to register for a telecon regarding Dawn entering orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres. Dwayne sent a media advisory out at 12:56 pm ET for a 2:00 pm ET telecon - and only gave media 45 minutes to contact him for dial-in information. Smart move to send this out while half of the U.S. was eating lunch. Only 2 media actually dialed in to ask questions. Well done, Dwayne. Like you NASA people did not know within a millisecond - months in advance - when the spacecraft was going to arrive at Ceres such that you could have sent something out just a little bit earlier? And then you all wonder why the media doesn't pay more attention to these things?

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