All Those Empty Promises From NASA Security ...

NASA JPL Memo: Office of Personnel Management Cyber Incidents, NASA JPL

"If you underwent a background investigation through OPM from 2000 or thereafter (which occurs through the submission of forms SF 86, SF 85, or SF 85P for a new investigation or periodic reinvestigation), the OPM says there is a high likelihood that anyone who filled out one of those SF forms has had their information compromised."

Keith's note: All that talk from NASA about securing personal information as they complied with HSPD-12 and ... oh well. FWIW anyone who was screened for a NASA headquarters press pass a few years back (when they actually issued them) was at risk. Guess who got an OPM letter as a result of that screening. Thanks a bunch NASA.

- HSPD-12, earlier postings
- NASA IT issues, earlier postings

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