Hooray - JSC Warp Drive Confirmed !!!!

'Impossible' propellantless engine appears to work despite breaking laws of physics, Sydney Morning Herald

"Ridiculed as impossible by the scientific community, the electromagnetic propulsion engine - which could supposedly take a craft from Earth to Pluto in just 18 months without the need for rocket fuel - has apparently been confirmed by an independent scientist as working."

Keith's note: Once again English-language tabloids 1,2,3 with nothing better to do than repeat unfounded rumors - about unconfirmed results of murkily duplicated experiments (that were already murky) - conducted by some guy in Germany - experiments that are not described in any detail or - unpublished and only presented at an AIAA meeting - results that are only discussed in Internet chat rooms - as if they were fact. Normally, this nonsense would appear once or twice and then vanish. The prime reason it does not go away is because NASA JSC actually threw some money at this goofy science project, is too embarrassed to admit it (more than they have to), and never likes to admit that it ever does anything wrong - regardless of how many laws of physics and logic have been violated. Then again the JSC folks were probably a little jealous that LaRC was getting all of that wonderful cold fusion media attention and wanted to get themselves some of that quacky goodness. If this was real then you'd be hearing Charlie Bolden proclaiming that it was another step on the #JourneyToMars - right?

Now Drudge Report is re-blasting links to these stories to hundreds of millions of people because NASA never shoots this goofiness down. If NASA can send pictures back from Pluto and break the Internet, it can write a 5 sentence press statement that shuts this nonsense off once and for all. But it can't - or rather, it won't. They only want you to know what they got right - not what they tried and got wrong.

- Clarifying NASA's Warp Drive Program, earlier post
- NASA: We're Not Working on Warp Drive, earlier post

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