Space Nerd Celebrity PR Run Amuck

Keith's note: The Planetary Society sent a press release out late yesterday - under embargo - to their media distribution list. This list used to include NASAWatch - but no longer does. Why? Who knows, maybe they are thin-skinned over NASAWatch criticism about their various semi-secret stealth space policy activities. The release is titled "Bill Nye and The Planetary Society Celebrate New Horizons Pluto Flyby - Nye Congratulates Project Team & Citizens Who Made Dwarf Planet Mission Possible ". Yes - its all about Bill Nye™ first - and the Planetary Society second, and Pluto third. This nerd celebrity thing is getting to be rather silly. No, I am not going to post their release ahead of the embargoed release date/time. That's for The Bill Nye™ Society to release.

Keith's update: Looks like Marc got a copy of this release late last night and found it in his spam folder this morning (I did not find one in my spam folder). The Planetary Society used to send me things directly. Not any more. Nor did they respond to email on the topic. My point about the Bill Nye™ science nerd celebrity thing still stands.

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Humans to Mars Summit 2019
Military Space Situational Awareness April 1 - April 2, 2019, London, UK
MilSatCom USA conference will return to Washington from the 26th – 27th June 2019
Space Access Conference 2019
Mission To Methonē by Les Johnson - Baen Books

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